Implementing Your Own Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solution is Complex, Costly and Time-Consuming

That’s why we've built the first complete Runtime Solutions Suite. Designed from the ground up to meet customer needs, our system is truly end-to-end. Smart sensor data is sent via our licensed spectrum, incorporating a smart platform that leverages human-AI interaction. VIE provides a solution that constantly learns and improves to best manage your assets, dramatically reducing your costly, unplanned downtime.


Smart Sensors that Learn

A Smart Sensor for a Smart Solution

If we could listen to what machines have to say they would tell us what’s going on, before unplanned failures occur. Fortunately, our system listens for you, reporting those critical parameters necessary to keep your equipment humming smoothly. Our smart system is non-invasive and requires no support from your IT department.

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The Runtime Solutions Suite: Security, Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness in One Industry-Leading IIoT Package



Because ERICA is a proprietary communications protocol operating on our licensed spectrum, our industrial IoT solutions offer security that off-the-shelf equipment can't match.



Our sensors can take a beating and still communicate with range, bandwidth capability and penetrability that cellular and other types of connectivity can’t provide.



No solution can be cost-effective if the system isn’t fully integrated. Our Runtime Solutions Suite is designed for your specific needs, providing the most cost-effective industrial IoT solution available.

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Runtime Solutions Suite:
We're Disrupting Downtime Itself

Until very recently, it was cheaper for industry to pay for unplanned downtime than to bear the resource drain inherent to building a bespoke IIoT solution, or to pay all of the hidden costs of an incomplete, COTS IoT deployment.

That was before our Runtime Solutions Suite began to radicalize entire industries by disrupting downtime itself. We've custom-built the Suite from the ground up -- including building our own ruggedized and miniaturized sensors, creating our own communications protocol to best use our licensed radio spectrum, and designing a human/AI platform so that your solution is always improving itself --  with our customers' needs and point of view in mind. 

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