ERICA: Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

Our licensed 220 MHz radio spectrum covers more than 85% of the US and provides range and structural penetrability that cellular connectivity can't come close to matching, which makes it an ideal choice for remote and industrial IoT applications. And ERICA, our own LPWAN protocol, is designed to take complete advantage of that spectrum and allow for downtime prevention in places that cellular can't reach.

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OPA: The Heart and Soul of the Downtime Solution Suite

OPA brings together all of the downtime solution elements onto one robust, easy-to-use dashboard. With the OPA dashboard, you can provision and configure your devices, create and manage tickets, and view a variety of historical reports.

Even better: The OPA dashboard contains an actionable, real-time information feed in which both humans and sensors participate. Your experts can diagnose a problem based on sensor data, and the sensors will use that information to get smarter and even more efficient over time. 

With OPA at the heart of our Downtime Solutions Suite, your downtime decreases as time goes on -- and your ROI increases. 

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The VIE Technologies Downtime Solution Suite Is



One manufacturer, one connectivity provider, one platform, one solution: No other IIoT provider makes it so easy, quick and efficient to start minimizing your unplanned downtime.



Humans and sensors interact in real-time, and our smart sensors use these interactions and machine learning techniques to get even smarter -- and more efficient -- the longer they're deployed.



Because we've designed and built all aspects of the Downtime Solutions Suite ourselves our system has far fewer exposed facets for attack than do other Industrial IoT deployments, making it safer and more secure.


Smart Sensors that Learn

A Smart Sensor for a Smart Solution

If we could listen to what machines have to say, they would tell us what’s going on, before unplanned failures occur. Fortunately, our system listens for you, reporting those critical parameters necessary to keep your equipment humming smoothly. Our smart system is non-invasive and requires no support from your IT department.

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