Unparalleled Out-of-the-Box Runtime Management and Ease of Use

With its easy and quick installation and sensor management, both configuration and scalability are easily achieved. And because our solutions use our own hardware and our own connectivity underneath of OPA, you'll never have to have dedicated in-house IT support -- and only one contract to manage, and one support call to make if anything goes wrong across the entire system. 

A System So Smart It Teaches Itself

The OPA dashboard is easy to use and provides all of the features you'd expect in a dashboard, like device configuration and historical reporting on data.

But with OPA, the next generation of runtime management is here. The dashboard presents users with a real-time information feed with which both humans and the sensors interact. The sensors present data, and human experts use that data to diagnose issues in the system -- and the AI-enabled sensors continually use that expert human feedback to learn about the system, and to provide you with actionable insights before you suffer costly downtime.


The OPA Runtime Management System: Disrupting the Disruption



We provide all of the hardware, software, connectivity, installation and support your IIoT runtime management solution will ever need. One vendor, one contract, no hassles -- but enormous savings to you and your company.



We know that every industry is different. That's why your OPA solution learns from a true industry expert: You. And because it's continually learning, it's constantly getting better at preventing costly downtime.



We've designed and built the entire OPA Runtime Management System, from hardware to the platform. That means that our solution is truly end-to-end, and the only Runtime Management System built from ground up to truly disrupt the disruption of downtime.


Smart Sensors that Learn

A Smart Sensor for a Smart Solution

If we could listen to what machines have to say they would tell us what’s going on, before unplanned failures occur. Fortunately, our system listens for you, reporting those critical parameters necessary to keep your equipment humming smoothly. Our smart system is non-invasive and requires no support from your IT department.

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