Industrial Cooling Systems

Modern life generates an enormous amount of heat. To take just one example, Big Data and Cloud applications are housed in data centers on servers that generate enormous amounts of heat -- and that require powerful and extensive industrial cooling systems to stay in working order. Our Downtime Solutions Suite monitor cooling systems, and Smart sensors work in real-time with cooling system engineers across a variety of industries to prevent costly downtime.

Oil + Gas

 Oil and gas systems comprise critical machinery and infrastructure that is often deployed in remote locations not often frequented by human workers -- a compressor on a natural gas wellhead that fails, for example, can lead to extended and costly downtime. Our Downtime Solutions Suite combines smart sensors, long-range communications, and a human / sensor real-time dashboard to prevent costly downtime in remote locations before it ever happens.


 There's literally no way around a section of track that's shut down, leading to costly delays that can ripple through the whole system. Our LPWAN protocol uses licensed 220 MHz spectrum already extensively used by railroads, meaning the infrastructure to mitigate costly downtime is already in place, and our AI-enabled system can quickly learn the difference between passing trains and the unusual vibrations that signal imminent failure.


 If a crane or gantry fails, lives can be in danger, containers destroyed, and entire ports shut down. Our Downtime Solutions Suite can non-invasively monitor your entire shipping operation, and uses human interaction to learn what data is appropriate for shipping operations and what data signals that a costly and potentially dangerous failure could soon occur -- allowing you to take action before it happens.

Agricultural Watering Systems

At-scale agriculture requires many miles of irrigation, often in remote areas that are infrequently visited -- so far from just meaning downtime, a water line or pump failure can lead to the loss of an entire crop. Fortunately, our Downtime Solutions Suite has the range to reach remote areas, and continually learns from interacting with agtech experts so it can alert you before problems occur and growing seasons are lost.

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