Licensed 220MHz Spectrum Offers Unmatched Benefits for IIoT Deployments

Many LPWAN protocols currently on the market are targeted at short-range, internal-use deployments -- and are useless for solutions that require longer-range connectivity or penetrability of concrete and other obstacles. Our fully-licensed 220 MHz spectrum is ideal for low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs), and has the range and penetrability that make it ideal for both remote-area Industria IoT (IIoT) deployments and IIoT deployments where obstacles would otherwise generate unacceptable signal blockage and interference.

ERICA is an LPWAN Protocol Designed for Efficiency and Security

Our licensed 220MHz spectrum affords our IIoT solutions long range and superb penetrability -- and our LPWAN protocol, ERICA, was custom-designed to take advantage of these capabilities. ERICA allows our AI-enabled sensors to be placed on everything from remote wellhead pumps to a variety of motors deep within the substructure of a factory.

And since ERICA is a proprietary protocol, it is less vulnerable to -- and less likely to be the target of -- the kinds of hacking attacks that are aimed at other communications protocols, and that can lead to a complete compromise of your data and your network.

ERICA is also extremely flexible and efficient, with one low-cost base station being able to handle 15,000 sensors -- ideal for the large-scale deployments often needed in IIoT solutions. 

Our Licensed Spectrum and Our ERICA Protocol Offer



Unlike cellular or other types of connectivity, which offers ranges in terms of miles, the 220 MHz spectrum provides ranges in the tens of miles -- ideal for remote use cases like wellheads, railroads, and much more. 



Cellular signal is easily blocked by concrete and many other obstructions. Not so our 220 MHz spectrum, which has penetration capabilities that allow for IIoT deployments behind thick walls and deep underground.


LPWAN Capabilties

Our ERICA LPWAN protocol allows our sensors to be deployed in a wide variety of real-world remote and industrial use cases -- oil and gas wellheads, industrial water applications, and much more -- that other IIoT solutions cannot match.

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Smart Sensors that Learn

A Smart Sensor for a Smart Solution

If we could listen to what machines have to say, they would tell us what’s going on, before unplanned failures occur. Fortunately, our system listens for you, reporting those critical parameters necessary to keep your equipment humming smoothly. Our smart system is non-invasive and requires no support from your IT department.

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